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The Dark Horses

Time Technoplast Ltd

Important points:

  1. This company is a leader in packaging space after having perfected its business model.
  2. Time Technoplast is a multinational conglomerate commanding market leadership in 8 countries.
  3. MOX film and Composite cylinders segments is likely to drive the company’s future growth this, being extremely profitable.
  4. The Plastics segment (77% of total revenues) is expected to have stable operations generating high free cash flow.

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Manpasand Beverages

Important points:

  1. Manpasand Beverages had a smooth transition to GST regime.
  2. There were new product launches alongside capacity expansion which would help the company to grow.
  3. Coco sip and Jeera sip is supposed to benefit from capacity expansion.
  4. MANB primarily focuses on mango-based drinks.

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The reason why I think these are best of the web is because to me they look to be strong on weekly charts. If fundamentals and technicals both are strong then that’s good, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: These stocks are by no means any recommendation by me. If you are buying these stocks you better do it after consulting your financial adviser.

Can this one turn out to be a big money maker?

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