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Can this one turn out to be a big money maker?

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How to make big money by beating the lions

The lion is the king of the jungle. It feeds on deer. There is a no way that a deer will run away from the mouth of a hungry lion. But let me show you the story of a kind hearted lion. Watch the video below:

In the stock market jungle the HNIs and the FIIs are the lions. People like us who are retail investors are the deer.  Should the lion here protect the deer? Will the big players allow the small players to make money?

In this market one person’s gain is another’s loss.  Thus you can be rest assured that what happened in the green jungle is not going to happen in the financial jungle. Here you need to fight and beat the lions.

I have a stock that I am looking at. It is into LPG cylinder manufacturing. Shares are hitting upper circuit.

The company is Confidence Petroleum. This one can be a multi-bagger. However be careful before putting your money into this one. You never know, some big player might just take you for a ride.

APL Apollo is one more stock that is hitting the 50 days moving average consistently. It is the fastest growing steel tube manufacturer in India. Fundamentals are promising. Keeping an eye on this can also be fruitful.

Note: The stock mentioned here is my personal opinion. Please contact your financial adviser before taking any financial decision. 

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