Starting a perfect business from home – Not so hard

Trading is a perfect business that you can stat from the comfort of your home. All that you will need is a computer and internet. If you can have a smart phone and a battery back up then it will be even better.

Watch the below show. You will know how to do this business:

See, how I have analysed a stock below. This is what you will also be able to do. Start looking at charts from today. Follow just 1 stock on a business website. Let this be your start!

Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd:

Balance sheet: Net worth is constantly increasing over the period of time. It has more than doubled where as debt is slightly increased in the last 5 years. However in the long run the management is trying to make it a debt free company.

Profit Loss statement: Profits are good over the period of last 5 years having constantly increase in revenue.

Future outlook: Due to higher demand company has undergone expansion and this new plant will be operational from October 2017. To add on that company is focusing on increasing the margin by going more into value added products.

Technical: The stock is very close to an oversold zone and can bounce up any time. Over years I think this one might become a multi-bagger. So if I buy this one I will hold it till the technicals are supportive.

Trading trends in forex – The money used to pay off household bills


Trend following is one of the easiest ways of trading and making safe money. Watch this video carefully to see how Adam does this. Don’t worry even if you do not trade in Forex. Rules are rules and they apply in stocks, commodities, crypto-currency etc in the same way.

How to buy something without paying anything from your pocket – 2

Today I am going to contradict my previous statement. Till now I was following a pattern where the stock bounces back from a trend line and then I buy. But today, this one thing blew me off. I did a breakout trade and it was real money minter. I always prefer to catch a train when it has stopped. But this time I just caught a flying rocket!

Some of you must be wondering, what is a breakout trade. When a stock moves past a resistance it is called a breakout. Now the secret sauce of winning a breakout trade as I just found out is the strength of the trend which can be measured with ADX.

The result is in front of you. This the trade for Hindustan Unilever 2018 May 1600 Call option.

Bought on 16/05/2018 @ 11.15/-

Sold on 18/05/2018 @ 23.70/-

Now how much money came in? That would be –> (23.70 – 11.15) x 600 = 7530/-. This was….

done between 16th to 18th May.

Now let’s see what’s there in top trend online buys today.

Looks like it is a OnePlus 6 phone.

Although the price starts from Rs 34,999; but still you can pay a part of the instalments with what you earned today (7,530/-).

How to buy something without paying anything from your pocket -1

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to show you how to buy something without spending anything from your pocket. Sounds strange? Well, once I tell you how, you will find it to be a very simple concept.

Can you tell me why can’t you buy things often, no matter how much you try to? What is it that stops you? The answer is money. You do not have enough money to buy things that you love. However can you earn enough money for your purchases? The answer is “YES”.

Watch the video now:

The video shows a simple one time trade conducted in MCX for the metal, ‘Nickel’. I sold 1 lot of Nickel future at 605.70 and later on bought it at 580.50/-. This is a strategy that is called short sales. This is done when the market is falling. You can make money like this when Nickel is going up or when it is going down. Profit was 6300/- in 3 days. With that I purchased a beautiful air purifier which will keep my room healthy. It will eliminate pollution and is helpful for people with breathing trouble.

This is something you can also do. You just need to learn and practice some simple techniques. Initially you can trade hypothetically i.e paper trading. Once you are confident trade in real market and with that money buy what you want. Trading is a risky affair. However if you learn the game then you will make money, like I did in the above trade.

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With Regards

Sankha Chatterjee