Silver going up



Silver started going up a few days back. Looking through the lens of three filters, it appeared as:

  1. Trend is up.
  2. Bouncing back from support.
  3. Favourable candle stick pattern.

So buying silver was a good idea to make some quick buck.




Shorting Copper


I have told you about the 3 filters in the page “Custom Techniques“. Now let’s see what’s going on with copper.

  1. There is a downward trend.
  2. Right now it is hitting the support.
  3. Candlesticks also show a downtrend.

However I am a bit skittish about what I see here today. I think I will wait until I find a low risk entry point for a short position. I will wait for a retracement to the resistance.

So keep an eye on copper.




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Bitcoin’s Future Uncertain

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