How to buy a Titan Edge ceramic watch without paying from your pocket

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I hope you have seen my 3 part video of “How to buy a Titan Edge ceramic watch without paying anything from your pocket”. Today I am revealing what goes on behind the scene and how I did it.

This is like a forest in your pocket..


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So much can be done with so little input. You learn and you will make some pocket money tomorrow.

Now watch me behind the scene:

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How to buy a house without paying from your pocket

We have long term goals like buying a house. After all not everyone can work in the same city where their ancestral house is. For many the old apartment has become too small and they need a new one. Here is how you can buy a house without paying anything from your pocket.

How to buy something without paying from your pocket – 3

Hello friends,

Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to talk a little bit about the purpose of starting this blog first. This blog is for young people, the Gen-Y. Why so? That’s because you guys have zeal to do something new.

When you go to a shop and see a nice gadget or costly jewellery you feel like buying. But every time you do not have money. Thus you comeback empty handed with a heavy heart.

Here you see ways of making some quick cash from stocks to finance your purchases. You may buy on EMI and pay that off from your stock trading income.

This is what I call the fisherman’s strategy. You do not get into the water with a net. Instead you sit with a fishing rod. You track the big fish and after hours of waiting catch it. In our situation the fish is a stock which you initially choose from the portfolio of a high performing mutual fund. After that you track it on the charts and whenever my 3 filter strategy is met you just swing it out of the water. Today you need not sit in front of the system all day long. There are websites and apps that will simplify your work. They will help you to be at the right place at the right time.

Below I have shown you a portfolio of an awesome mutual fund – Tata Equity P/E Fund – Regular Plan (G). It’s 5 years annualized return is 27.8%. Pick up the top guns from its portfolio.

This again is not country specific. Every country has a stock market and they have good performing mutual funds. So no matter wherever you are, try this at home.

How to Make 1 Crore In 36 Trades by low investment

Hi friends,

All of you need some additional money every month. Often at the end of the month you find yourself in a tight spot especially when some additional expenses come in. Those of you who are married and have children situation is tougher. The below video is not for those who are rich. It is for you who would like to make some money to meet your expenses month on month. It is for those who have a plan to buy something in the next 5 years, but not sure how to come up with all the money.

Money is what that creates problems in life, it spoils relationships in a family.

See the below video which I have collected from the web that can help you with your situation: