The one handsome bike

I am a kind of person who has a craze for style. I do not buy second hand things as only new should be a part of my collection. With that in mind I fell in love with a bike. You see that below. That’s my handsome hunk, “The UM Renegade sports S”.

UM bike

Image source: UM

This is a 279CC cruiser. Equipped with utilitarian features like

  1. USB charging port,
  2. Service alert system,
  3. Blind spot mirrors,
  4. 360-degree LED light system
  5. Anti-flat system for the tubeless tyres

UM is a good value for money proposition. The company also offers a host of optional accessories like saddlebags for those wishing to take their motorcycles touring.

After seeing the positives I started looking for the negatives. I picked up all the 1 stars from the reviews and watched lots of videos. A couple of points caught my attention. They are:

  1. Engine is getting hot after a long drive.
  2. Less number of showrooms which makes it difficult to repair the bike.

There were a few other points but not as repetitive as the above.

I have finished my research. I have visited the showroom almost 10 times. Finally I was feeling so embarrassed especially looking at the curious salesman that I decided to buy a helmet. Can’t complain, at least I am buying something!

By now you must be thinking why I haven’t bought the bike because my salary can very well cover an instalment of Rs 5000 per month. The reason is that, a job in a private company is not safe these days especially with AI creeping in. I am scared that if I lose my job then my bike will be taken way!

So I came up with an idea. You see I am a trader in stocks and commodities market. With a capital of 50,000 I can earn Rs5000 on an average every month. A few months here and there of no earnings can be covered by my salary in the worst case. But 90% of the EMI can be covered by my income from trading.

That’s it!

I have selected a few trending stocks and commodities. If you want to pay your EMIs from an extra income like me then you can look at these. Look at the trend and then do your own analysis. I do technical analysis for myself.

Trending up:

  1. Zinc.
  2. Nickel.
  3. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Trending down:

  1. State Bank of India Ltd.

The one handsome bike

Image source: Pixabay

The Dark Horses

Time Technoplast Ltd

Important points:

  1. This company is a leader in packaging space after having perfected its business model.
  2. Time Technoplast is a multinational conglomerate commanding market leadership in 8 countries.
  3. MOX film and Composite cylinders segments is likely to drive the company’s future growth this, being extremely profitable.
  4. The Plastics segment (77% of total revenues) is expected to have stable operations generating high free cash flow.

For more details regarding fundamentals click here


Manpasand Beverages

Important points:

  1. Manpasand Beverages had a smooth transition to GST regime.
  2. There were new product launches alongside capacity expansion which would help the company to grow.
  3. Coco sip and Jeera sip is supposed to benefit from capacity expansion.
  4. MANB primarily focuses on mango-based drinks.

For more details regarding fundamentals click here

The reason why I think these are best of the web is because to me they look to be strong on weekly charts. If fundamentals and technicals both are strong then that’s good, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: These stocks are by no means any recommendation by me. If you are buying these stocks you better do it after consulting your financial adviser.

Can this one turn out to be a big money maker?

Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd:

Balance sheet: Net worth is constantly increasing over the period of time. It has more than doubled where as debt is slightly increased in the last 5 years. However in the long run the management is trying to make it a debt free company.

Profit Loss statement: Profits are good over the period of last 5 years having constantly increase in revenue.

Future outlook: Due to higher demand company has undergone expansion and this new plant will be operational from October 2017. To add on that company is focusing on increasing the margin by going more into value added products.

Technical: The stock is very close to an oversold zone and can bounce up any time. Over years I think this one might become a multi-bagger. So if I buy this one I will hold it till the technicals are supportive.

How to make big money by beating the lions

The lion is the king of the jungle. It feeds on deer. There is a no way that a deer will run away from the mouth of a hungry lion. But let me show you the story of a kind hearted lion. Watch the video below:

In the stock market jungle the HNIs and the FIIs are the lions. People like us who are retail investors are the deer.  Should the lion here protect the deer? Will the big players allow the small players to make money?

In this market one person’s gain is another’s loss.  Thus you can be rest assured that what happened in the green jungle is not going to happen in the financial jungle. Here you need to fight and beat the lions.

I have a stock that I am looking at. It is into LPG cylinder manufacturing. Shares are hitting upper circuit.

The company is Confidence Petroleum. This one can be a multi-bagger. However be careful before putting your money into this one. You never know, some big player might just take you for a ride.

APL Apollo is one more stock that is hitting the 50 days moving average consistently. It is the fastest growing steel tube manufacturer in India. Fundamentals are promising. Keeping an eye on this can also be fruitful.

Note: The stock mentioned here is my personal opinion. Please contact your financial adviser before taking any financial decision.