Awesome! Thank you for paying


Steps to follow:


1. Please release the payment by logging into your PayUMoney dashboard.


2. Have a look at the sample resume and then send the following:

a. A screen shot of your buyer dashboard showing that the payment has been released.

b. Your ‘Acomplishments’ articles (or general articles if you have any) to If you have slides or videos for accomplishmentsupload them on slide share or you tube respectively and send the links.

c. Mail us a draft resume at with all the details as mentioned in the the sample resume format.

d. Your photo (if you want to show that on your resume).

e. Your email id that you want to display along with your accomplishments (for employers to contact you).

f. Your LinkedIn profile widget which you want to display with your accomplishments.

g. LINK OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION DETAILS or you may copy the entire thing in a word pad and send it to us. If there is no specific job you are planning to apply right now, then send a job description which you think is the type of job you want to apply in future. This is a must else we will not be able to prepare your resume.

h. Once we receive the above details we will prepare your CV.

LinkedIn widget- How to get it:

  1. Open this link or type “Linked member profile plugin generator” in Google.
  2. Login to LinkedIn.
  3. Follow the instructions on LinkedIn and select the suitable display mode.
  4. Decide if you want to show your connections or not. We suggest you don’t to keep it short and simple.
  5. Hit “Get code”.
  6. Copy the code and send it to us preferably in a note pad.

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Need more help? Please write us to