Personal finance and the web

If you might have overlooked, the fact is that personal finance and the web are coming close these days. It is said that this is going to be the next big change in the world. The reason is financial biggies have found that they need to get closer to people. Now these people make up their existing customers as well as prospective ones. That is why HSBC the world’s leading international bank now has a facebook app. Other companies are getting people signup for their credit cards the same way.

The world economy is in a bad shape. Fiscal problem in Europe is now largely a monetary probem with some Euro partners planning for a divorce. Will there be a happy ending? If so when?
Back home the horrible IIP numbers makes the financial gurus scratch their heads. What’s on the cards now?
Can you see the kind of uncertainties we all are going through! So who would like to put his money in this market. Well, if you are a financial planner or somebody working in a brokerage firm you must have seen your business shrinking by now. Hence you need to follow the footsteps of the big organizations. GO ONLINE!!
You need to consider the people nearly at the bottom of the pyramid, ‘the middle class’. Data shows that people who invested more than 1 lakh and those with less than 1 lakh in the stock market have fairly moved in opposite directions in the last couple of months. This means one has offloaded a stock and the other has increased his holdings in the same stock. Now you as a financial planner might fail in convincing your rich clients but might be successful in convincing a less rich client to adopt a particular strategy. Reason is they are thinking in opposite directions.
Now this is just a theory. You might have better plans. But to make your plans successful you need clients. You can only do this if you can start offering services online.
 Think what all you can do and jot down the same as comments for this blog. Let’s see how many types of services can provided online without absolutely any physical contact.
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