How to buy something without paying anything from your pocket – 4



I hope you are reading this article after you have seen my YouTube video. If not I would suggest please see that otherwise you will be missing the first part of the story. Based on the downward trend of the market last week I am focusing the following 4 stocks:

1. Yes bank


3. Piramal Enterprises Ltd, India

4. Mindtree

I will check the trend of the index as well as the sectoral index and then take a call. My trade can range from 1 to 3 days mostly. This was a bit different in a previous trade where I could not make money in 1 trade for the wrist watch. Therefore I had to do it in three. If I take a position in any or all of these four stock options I would prefer to buy the Nov put options.

Keep in mind that this is no recommendation. If you want to do what I am doing I suggest you learn first, do some demo trading and then come to the real one. There is always a chance of loss. So do your homework well before trading.

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