Why Travel Insurance is important..Case study 1


John and his wife had been waiting for this day since four years now. Finally their dream seemed to be coming true. They have won two tickets to that one place they always wanted to go..Falkland Island.

So they started, it was March 15th 2013. ‘It’s gonna be a week on this cruise isn’t it?’ asked Maria, John’s wife. ‘Yes, my dear’ replied John while lighting his cigar. ‘John, doctors have told you not to smoke, why don’t you listen? Now this is going to make you sick.’

‘Nothing is going to happen,’ said John with a smile.

A week went by finally the ship stopped at the Falkland Island. The duo was about to get down when John suddenly fainted. He had a COPD and Atrial Fib. Nervous Maria shouted for help. Help did come, very quickly and John was transferred to Santiago in an air ambulance. From there he was finally brought back to his home hospital at Miami, Florida. Maria was anxious not only for her husband’s health but also the medical expenses. However the entire air ambulance charges which were over $50,000 were paid by the travel insurance company.

‘John is now recovering…the insurance company brought great relief to us’, said Maria with a sigh of relief

Picture courtesy: Dxing